Other Products - Royal Selection
A fine selection of European style Handmade Luxury Truffles and Deluxe Chocolates in beautiful gift boxes. These silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolates are made with the finest ingredients including delicious nougats, premium liqueurs and the finest chocolate couvertures. Our luxurious Truffle creations containing fresh cream are made using our traditional family recipes from Switzerland. The perfect gift for even the most important occasions. Something unique for all chocolate lovers.

T600, T610 Diamond Truffles two and three layer boxes contain four different flavors of delicious Almond, Hazelnut, Mocha and Macadamia creme centers.

T645, T650, T655, T670 Containing Deluxe chocolate Assortments of fresh fruit cremes, Liqueur cremes, almond, hazelnut and macadamia nougats and nut clusters.

T620, T640, T675, T680, T685 Handmade Luxury Truffle Assortments containing fresh cream and a wide selection of Liqueur and non-liqueur centers made with the finest chocolate couvetures.

Handmade Truffle flavors include: Mocha, Caramel, White, Milk, Dark, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Almond, Fantasy, Champagne, Cointreau, Amaretto, Cognac, Kirsch, Peach, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Amber, and many more... Deluxe Chocolate flavors are: Almond, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Mocha, Espresso, Caramel, Peach, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, Amaretto, Cointreau, Cognac, Maraschino, Irish Coffee, Orange Brandy and many more...