Hopes International Award

René Rey and his family have attended many major international food exhibitions with great success. Amongst them, the Rey family won seven gold medals for outstanding confectionery products in 1954 (Hospes Exhibitions, Berne, Switzerland) and in 1964 (Swiss National Exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland).

René Rey Chocolates recipes have been used by many generations of this Swiss family for more than 150 years. We take pride to live up to our motto "Old World Perfection in Confection". Our recipes use a high percentage of cocoa and minimum amounts of sugar and are prepared with natural ingredients.


EXPO WEST 2009 Award

René Rey Chocolates Ltd. was presented with the honorary “Best of Show Awards 2009” by VegNews Magazine for the “Best New Vegetarian Product” at EXPO WEST 2009 in Aneheim California.