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René Rey Chocolates Ltd. was established in North Vancouver, B.C. in 1974.

René Rey Chocolates Ltd. was established in North Vancouver, B.C. in 1974. The owner and founder, Mr. René Rey, was born in Switzerland and has been active in the chocolate business since 1957. His family business has a long, traditional history in chocolate manufacturing in Switzerland and was well known for outstanding quality products.

René Rey was educated in Switzerland and achieved high standing diplomas in the confectionary industry. He was a member of the Swiss Masters Confectioners Association and has many years of international experience in the chocolate industry in Sweden, England, Switzerland and Canada.

The original intention to start a chocolate business in Vancouver was to manufacture a different, high quality product previously only available through imports. In order to achieve this quality objective, the finest bulk chocolate for manufacturing purpose had been imported from Switzerland. This method was used until 1989 when René Rey decided to purchase refining and conching chocolate equipment to manufacture his own quality chocolate.

In 1975, René Rey created the first maple leaf chocolate in Canada which since has become a trade mark for Canadian chocolate. The same year, the company also manufactured the first liqueur filled chocolates in North America. International brand name liqueurs like Cointreau from France and Luxardo from Italy, are among the assortment of liqueur chocolates available today. The company is exporting chocolates to the United States and other countries since 1975. Due to the geographical location of the company, exporting to the Pacific Rim countries is of special interest, and it is one of the company’s objective to manufacture quality products most suitable to the Asian taste with lower sugar content.

Present daily manufacturing capacity is up to 3,000 kg of chocolate products. The manufacturing premises and property, about 20.000 square feet, are company owned. The company has acquired the newest machinery available to the chocolate industry for manufacturing high quality chocolate products. The plant operates automated molding lines, chocolate refining equipment and high speed packaging machinery. For specialty items, like Maple Syrup cookies, a bakery department is also in operation since 1976.

Private label co-packing has remained as part of the business since the 70’s, we have extensive experience in package design and new product development to suit each customers needs.


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